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Description for sage

Gamer Tag: Sage0927
R* Social Network: Sage0625
Age: 27
Weight: 160 lbs
Height: 6'0
Convictions: Assault on a police officer, Speeding, Grand theft, and attempt with a deadly weapon but charges were later dropped.

Sage grew up in Liberty City back in the 90's and stayed in the red light district. As a result of his surroundings Sage soon started street racing at the age of 16. After losing race after race Sage knew he needed a better means of making money other than working at the local burger shot. So one day at a race he met this guy named Jimmy Chew. Jimmy was connected with the Yakuza and after a few weeks of hanging out Sage found him self doing jobs with Jimmy. Boosting cars was easy money and Sage was good at it. Then one night when Jimmy and Sage were attempting to boost a Compact Blista, a un marked police car pulled up. Sage and Jimmy both ran in different directions. Sage got away but Jimmy didn't. As the pigs questioned Jimmy, they told him that Sage had set him up, in an attempt to get him to rat on his partner. Jimmy kept his mouth shut but got five years. A few weeks later Sage decided to go to a street race. As he was racing his car just shut off on him, he didn't know what was wrong. The next thing he saw was blue lights. Sage tried to run but after breaking free of one officer his partner tazed him. Sage was charged with assault on a police officer and speeding. Since it was his first offense he only served 2 years. After getting out. Sage decides he needs a new start, he takes the first plane to Los Santos where he meets his home boy Lamar. After getting in some trouble with him and adding grand theft to his rap sheet Sage decided to become more smarter when conducting his activities. While hanging out with Lamars dumb ass one day, Sage meets Nizmo and Jaycee, shortly after Universal Mafia was born, everything else is history.

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