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Description for Jaycee201

Gamer Tag: Jaycee201
R* Social Network: Jaycee201
Age: 24
Weight: 200 lbs
Height: 6'0
Convictions: Possession of marijuana with intent to sell, grand theft auto, armed robbery, possession of illegal fire arms. Also was charged with three counts of first degree murder, but charges were later dropped due to the mysterious disappearance of the grand jury, due to hear his case.
The streets were the only thing this one gangbanger Jaycee 201 knew. From selling Mary to that white girl, if it made him money, he sold it. But Jaycee 201 is known most for his brutal and murderous ways. His specialty was the dismemberment of backstabbers and snitches. Growing up in Los Santos was rough for young Jaycee. His block was known for prostitution and drug dealing. It was not long before Jaycee joined the local Balla set....At first him and his so called homies put in work and were making that paper together. But when one of his gang members tried to rob him, he knew it was time for a change. After blasting the fool that tried to rob him, he knew every balla in the area would be after him. So he called his ex girls brother(Lamar).Knowing Lamar didn't roll with the ballas he called him up for some smoke. So while picking up the good, good from Lamar a fella by the name Sage was there. Lamar introduced Jaycee to Sage and they all sat down and smoked. After a brief conversation about Sage's new crew (Universal Mafia), Jaycee figured out his next move. He joined forces with Sage and his brother Nizmo. Suddenly the ballas were not the problem anymore, but what to do with all the money him and his new crew were making. The rest is history.

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